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Swedish heavy metal powerhouse Enforcer are back with yet another uncompromising heavy metal album entitled "Nostalgia". The title refers to looking back on everything what used to be, reminding oneself that every existing thing is in constant change of the destructive force of time which is withering and aging all organic matter into nothingness eventually.

"Nostalgia" throws Enforcer back to their speed metal roots after the more experimental "Zenith". All of the songs has a hit and run smash hit-vibe in typical Enforcer fashion combining extreme guitar riffing with catchy stadium choruses.

"Nostalgia" is out May 5th, 2023 on various vinyl versions, CD and digital worldwide via Nuclear Blast

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Sweden's Enforcer are by far the biggest and most influential heavy metal band of the 2000s. Formed in 2005 the band went against all trends as a larger than life-styled heavy metal band for the masses, in a world of chug core and watered down metal. Quickly gaining success in the underground Enforcer released their two first albums 2008-2010 and created a worldwide movement of traditional metal, later to be referred to as "new wave of traditional metal". 2012 Enforcer signed a world-wide deal with metal gigants Nuclear Blast and put out another three albums. Enforcer are today one of the most renowned heavy metal band of its generation and has toured the world countless of times with their furious and uncompromising heavy metal leading the way for generations to come.


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